K&N's - a founding pillar and beacon for Pakistan's Poultry Industry - started in 1964 with a single minded objective of providing better nutrition through poultry for Health and Happiness of the Nation.  History
Frequently Asked Questions
▸ Since how long has K&N's been operating?
▸ What is ‘integrated poultry operations’?
▸ Does K&N's feed consist of any hormones or steroids?
▸ What makes K&N's products so different from what I already buy? Why is it premium priced?
▸ What makes K&N's products better tasting?
▸ What is the main ingredient in your products?
▸ What is Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM) and why is it not used at K&N's?
▸ What potentially harmful additives are commonly used in products such as yours?
▸ Why is the boneless chicken used at K&N's hand-cut Halal certified? What makes hand-cut Halal chicken an important factor for K&N's?
▸ My family enjoys frozen food & deli products, such as nuggets, sausages & cold cuts, etc. What factors must I consider while making a choice?
▸ Do your franks use animal intestine or mechanically separated chicken meat (MSM)?
▸ What are “skinless” sausages?
▸ Is there anything which makes K&N's sausages, cold cuts and smoked meat a better choice?
▸ Are your products Gluten-free?
▸ Do your sausages use animal intestine or mechanically separated chicken meat (MSM)?
▸ Do your products have MSG?
▸ How many products does K&N's offer?
▸ What are “EasyCook” products? How do you cook them?
▸ What are “QuickServe” products? How do you serve them?
▸ What is IQF?

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