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Tender and juicy, individually frozen and mildly seasoned, uncooked fillets
TenderBrest® fillets are very tender and juicy, which you will notice at once. They are individually frozen, so you can thaw as many (or as few) as you like without having to thaw the entire pack. They are flattened using state-of-the-art technology, so they cook quickly and evenly.

TenderBrest® fillets are not marinated, but produced with a proprietary blend of mild seasoning so you can even cook them as is and enjoy with a sauce, or marinate them to your liking.
Handling guidelines to maintain quality
Storage: Keep frozen.


Water: Place packed frozen product in a container of cold tap water.
Refrigerator: Place packed product inside refrigerator in a covered container until thawed.

Thawed product should be cooked. Avoid re-freezing uncooked product. Never thaw product by leaving it on kitchen counter.

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